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HSSC Answer key 27 Nov. 2016 for clerk evening shift solved questions

  • 1.  Census 2011 lowest woman literacy rate?
    2. 1797 Present Haryana capital by George Thomas?
    3. Nahar wildlife sanctuary located ?
    4.Haryana tilak weekly magazine
    Sir Chhotu Ram
    5.Haryana Govt. minister Krishan Panwar belongs to the constituency?
    6.Kakroi Micro Hydroelectrical project is constructed on?
    Bhakra canal
    7.General category Lok sabha seat falls under?
    All these
    8.Satyarth Prakash is authored by ?
    Dayanand Saraswati
    9.In which field Shri Dinnath Batra contributed the most?
    10. Rio Olympic bronze medalist Shakshi Malik belongs to which village of Rohtak?
    11.On the advice of which guru banda bahadur left Sayasa and started fighting the war?
    Guru Arjun Dev
    12.In Haryana majority of people belongs to ?
    13.Brahma Sarovar pilgrimage is located at
    14.The official language of Haryana?
    15.Nonshivalik range river
    16.Rakhigarhi belongs to district
    17.Which university founded by Dr. Rajender prasad
    Kurukshetra University
    18.International solar alliance established in which city of Haryana?
    19.Well known Haryanvi filmi actor?
    Sunil Dutt
    20.Vulture conservation and breeding center located at
    21.Name the military general of Alauddin Khilji who invaded the Tamil kingdoms and returned with great riches.
    22.Muslim king, who could barely read or write but at his court lived great poet Amir Khusro?
    Firoz Shah
    23.The Indian state is not bisected by the tropic of cancer?
    24.The river rises in Aravalli range and enters the Arabian sea through the Rann of Kutch?
    25.Which article special status to Jammu Kashmir
    26.No longer fundamental Right?
    Right to property
    27.Nationalised banks in the year 1969?
    28.On which of the following items is excise duty levied
    sales of goods
    29.Not associated with Carnatic music
    Shyama Shastri
    30.Who composed national anthem?
    Rabindernatha Tagore
    31.Who was the first Indian woman to win the Jannpith award?
    32.When were electronic voting machines introduced in India?
  • 33.QUESTION :  The salaried of A B and C are in the…….Ans.23:33:60
  • 34.QUESTION : 34 A number is doubled and 9 is added. if resultant is trebled it becomes 75. what is that number Answer :  : 8
  • 35.QUESTION :  A and B together can complete a  Answer :  : 6 days
  • 36.QUESTION :  A man is walking at the rate of 5km/hr Answer :  : 1250 meters
  • 37.QUESTION : 37 Hygrometer is used to measure Answer :  : humidity
  • 38.QUESTION :  The element used in an electric filament is- Answer :  : Tungsten
  • 39.QUESTION :  Which of the following is used for silvering of mirrors? Answer :  : Silver nitrate
  • 40.QUESTION : Which of the following is the richest resource of vitamin A ?
  • Answer :  : *
  • 41.QUESTION :  In a certain language, DIUGNAL is the code for LANGUID, which word would be coded as ELKCAHS?
  • Answer :  : SHACKLE
  • 42.QUESTION : Find a positive number which when increased by 17 equal to 60 times the reciprocal of the number.
  • Answer :  : 3
  • 43.QUESTION : Choose the Correct alternative
  • Reading: Knowledge::Work:?
  • Answer :  : Experience
  • 44.QUESTION :  Choose the odd one.
  • Answer :  : Bridge
  • 45.QUESTION : “Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in a closed circle facing the centre. A is facing D. C is between A and B. F is between E and A. Who is to the immediate left of B ?
  • Answer :  : C
  • 46A. QUESTION : The official name of Rio Olympic 2016 was? Answer :  : XXXI Olympiad
  • 46B Q. QUESTION : 27 In the following series how many such odd numbers are there which are divisible by 3 or 5 then followed by odd numbers and then also followed by even numbers? Answer :  : Two
  • 47.QUESTION :  Who among the following has been chosen for the 23rd Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award? Answer :  : Shubha Mudgal
  • 48.QUESTION :  The first meeting of SAARC Home Ministers was held on May 11, 2006, at- Answer :  : Dhaka
  • 49.QUESTION :  “Yaad Karo Kurbani” celebration was launched by Prime Minister on- Answer :  : 9th August 2016
  • 50.QUESTION :  Khajuraho  located in
  • Answer :  : M.P.
  • 51.QUESTION : 1 What is the Capital of Brazil? Answer :  : Brasilia
  • 52.QUESTION : which committee has been constituted to prepare a draft plan on Ganga river? Answer :  : Girdhar Malviya Committee
  • 55.QUESTION :  Which of the following is not a mammal?
  • Answer :  : Fish
  • 56.QUESTION : Which drug is extracted from the bark of a cinchona tree?
  • Answer :  : Quinine
  • 57.QUESTION :  With which game is FIFA cup associated?
  • Answer :  : Football
  • 58.QUESTION  Where is the headquarters of the World Bank?
  • Answer :  : Washington
  • 59.QUESTION :  Where is the headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)?
  • Answer :  : Paris
  • 60.QUESTION :  When was Roman ruler Julius Caesar Assassinated? Answer :  : 44 BC
  • 61.QUESTION :  What is the duration of a day at the equator? Answer :  : 12 hr.
  • 62.QUESTION :  Which planet has two small satellites called Phobos and Deimos? Answer : : Mars
  • 63.QUESTION :  In which year did Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reach the peak of Mt. Everest? Answer :  : 1953
  • 64.QUESTION :  Who defeated Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo? Answer :  : Duke of Wellington
  • 65.QUESTION :  Who composed the National Anthem? Answer :  : Rabindranath Tagore
  • 66.QUESTION :  Who was the first Indian woman to win the Jnanpith Award? Answer :  : Ashapoorna Devi
  • 67A.QUESTION  When were electronic voting machines introduced for election in India? Answer :  : 1998
  • 67B. QUESTION : How many nuclear tests were conducted by India in May 1998? Answer : : Five
  • 68.QUESTION : On which of the following items is excise duty levied? Answer :  : Import of goods.
  • 69.QUESTION : who of the following is not associated with Carnatic music? Answer :  : Bhatkhande
  • 70.QUESTION :  Which one of the following is no longer a fundamental right? Answer :  : Right to Property.
  • 71.QUESTION :  How many banks were nationalized in the year 1969? Answer :  : 14
  • 72.QUESTION : Which article has given a special status to Jammu and Kashmir ? Answer :  : 370

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    Q62. बादशाहपुर (HSSC clerk key 4th December paper)

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      Q52. सरस्वती (clerk ki answer key of the morning session 4)

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      ये प्रश्न आया हुआ था
      खालसा पंथ की स्थापना किस महीने में हुई ?
      A चैत्र
      B कार्तिक
      C बैसाख
      D सावन

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    27 Nov Haryana clerk answer key- George thomas capital. .hansi is right answer

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    Largest part of human brain is cerebrum

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    HSSC answer key clerk paper solution 2016:Sir….ministry of defence..armed forces management. …hygrometer is for humidity measurements. ….pudducherry governor lt. Is kiran bedi excise duty is on production of goods….origanal fundamental rights provided by constitution. ..7 capital of Brazil. ..buineou airbus

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