HSSC Answer key clerk 11 December 2016 Morning Evening Solved Question Paper

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HSSC Answer Key Clerk 11.12.2016 Morning Evening session : Haryana Staff Selection Commission conducted the 4th round of HSSC clerk question paper on dated December 11, 2016.  On  Dec. exam 171800 candidates registered for morning and evening shift exam. Now the students are searching HSSC clerk solved question papers 11 Dec. evening and morning. You will get here HSSC clerk exam answers key 11 Dec.

HSSC answer key officially is not published yet for clerk post. Good news is that no news in media about clerk exam leak or any mass cheating. This HSSC Clerk exam is conducted under Advertisement number 10/2015 for male and female candidates. Absentee candidates strength is about 45% to 50%. So now the competition is not so much tough for clerk candidates. The Haryana clerk Question paper is easy as per the student who takes part in the exam. HSSC clerk exam Answer Key for set A, set B, set C Set D solution given below. Now we are going to provide you HSSC answer key clerk 2016 for morning and evening shift.

Download HSSC Clerk answer key 11 December 2016 exam

There was 100 question in the Haryana SSC clerk paper. The Paper was bilingual (both Hindi and English medium). The official set wise HSSC clerk answer key will be published later by the commission. This exam is taken for the 6134 posts of the clerk under advertisement number 10/2015. The question was same in all the set but on the different serial number. Have a look on HSSC Clerk 2016 answer keys.

  1. Oldest High court of India?


  1. वर्ष 2013 में स्थापित किये अधतन उच्च न्यायालय ?

त्रिपुरा , मणिपुर, मेघयाला

  1. लक्ष्यदीप किस उच्च न्यायालय के शेत्रधिकार के अधीन आता है ?


  1. भारत के नियंत्रण और महालेखा परीक्षक (CAG) की नियुक्ति कोण करता है ?

President of India

  1. बोद्ध स्थल टेबो मठ किस राज्य में है ?

हिमाचल प्रदेश

6.Why the colour of  Red soil is red?

Iron oxide

  1. युरेनियम का सबसे बड़ा रिज़र्व है ?


  1. टेहरी जलविधुत संकुल किस नदी पर है ?


9 . किस राज्य का जनसंख्या घनत्व सबसे कम है ?

अरुणाचल प्रदेश

10 किस फसल का प्रमुख उत्पादक हरियाणा है?


  1. शेत्रफल अनुसार छोटे से बड़े ?


  1. हरियाणा के किस जिले की सीमा U.P. से नहीं लगती ?


  1. पानीपत की पहली लड़ाई बाबर और ?

इब्राहीम लोदी

14 . 1756-57 के दोरान हरयाणा किसके अधीन था ?


  1. आभूषण हरियाणा में गले में नही पहना जाता ?


  1. इन राज्यों / संघ शाशित जिनमे एक उभय उच्च न्यायलय ?


  1. हरियाणा के नेकी राम शर्मा ने सन्देश पत्रिका किस भाषा में शुरू की ?
  2. हरियाणा में गेहूं पर कोण सा कर समाप्त किया ?


  1. जय जवान आवास योजना (JJAY)03.06.2016 कहाँ रखी ?


  1. हरियाणा कोण सा month सबसे ठंडा होता है ?


  1. HFDC स्थापना ?

दिसम्बर 1989

  1. फिरोज शाह की लाट हरियाणा में किस जिले में है ?


  1. कर्ण सिंह कम्बोज का निर्वाचन शेत्र ?


  1. First advocate general of Hryana?

Ram swrup.

  1. Jan Nayak Ch. Devilal award field?

For the maximum agricultural production

  1. Honda motorcycle manufactured place?


  1. first woman in Haryana forest department on head post 30.10.2015 ?

Amarinder Kaur

  1. In which division of Haryana most districts are there?


  1. Famous play court marshal author?

स्वदेश दीपक

  1. Campaign to boycott country?


  1. Kabbadi world cup 2016 won by ?


  1. RBI new governor?

Urjit patel

  1. US president contested Hillary v/s

Donald Trump

  1. First Indian captain to hit two double century in test cricket?

Virat kohali

  1. litruatre 2016 Noble prize?

Bob Dylan

  1. APJ Abdulkalam award year 2016 for meritorious services in the higher education department of Tamil Nadu?
  2. Shanmugam
  3. Google video chatting application introduced for anroid and IOS user?


  1. Which bill is approved by the union cabinet in 24.08.2016 to prohibited including sale purchase of human embryo and gametes?

Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016

  1. Prime minister Narender Modi born district?


  1. palaeography: writings::Lchthyology:


  1. Find odd


  1. find odd tempest, Hurrucane, cyclone, Monsoon?


  1. Choose odd numeral pair


  1. Choose odd


  1. _acca_ccca_acccc_aaa


  1. In a certain code RIPSLE is written as 613082 ans WIFE is written as 4192, How PEWSLE code?


  1. If the animal which can walk are called swimmers…….


  1. In a certain code bir le nac means green and tasty pic nac hor…..

Hor bir pic

  1. Introducing a man, a woman said, His wife is the only daughter of my father. How is than man related to the woman?


  1. Nine mans went to hotel. 8 of them spent rs 3 each over their meals and the 9th spent rs 2 more than the average expenditure of the eight. The total money spent by all of them?




  • यदि कोई उत्तर गलत है तो कृपया कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखे ताकि आंसर की दुरुस्त हो सके .
  • यदि आप को सही उत्तर पता है तो वो भी कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखे . 
  • बाकी 51 से 100 प्रश्नों के उत्तर थोड़ी देर में डाल दिए जायेंगे . 

HSSC clerk answer key 11 Dec Evening

QUESTION-  1 meaning of the given word. Dilettante

Ans. Amateur.

QUESTION-  2 A song embodying reigious and sacred emotions.

Ans. Hymn

QUESTION-  3  Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition-  We can not conceive ___ a time when we were without television.

Ans. of

QUESTION-  4 Call a spad a spade.

Ans. to speak very plainly.

QUESTION-  5 Choose the correctly spelt word.

Ans. Happenstance

Hindi Language

QUESTION-  6 तत  + शिव

Ans.  तत्छिव

QUESTION-  7 सम्राट

Ans. सम्राज्ञी


Ans. कवयित्री


Ans. पूज्य

QUESTION-  10. अंगुली पर नाचना मुहावरे का अर्थ

वश में रखना

QUESTION-  11 बेचारी बहू को ही —-  सच ही कहा गया है

Ans. C – अपना पैसा खोटा हो तो परखने वाले का क्या दोष

QUESTION-  12 Not Indian European Language

Ans. C Tamil

QUESTION-  13. वर्ण उच्चारण स्थान तालु नहीं है

Ans. द

QUESTION-  14 विशेषण नहीं है

Ans. चिकनाई

QUESTION-  15 समिषभोजी

Ans. जो मॉस खाता है

QUESTION-  16 Kuchipudi is a classical Indian Dance —-dance originated?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh

QUESTION-  17 Where was education imparted by the Buddhists in ancient India?

Ans. Monasteries

QUESTION-  18 When was the Dowry Prohibition Act Passed?

Ans. 1961

QUESTION-  19 The term nuclear family means

Ans. Husband, Wife and their Children

QUESTION-  20 What is upnayan ceremony?

Ans. sacred thread ceremony of the child.

QUESTION-  21. The theory of economic drain of India during British—— by

Ans. Dadabhai Naoroji

QUESTION-  22 When was the Indian National Congress founded?

Ans. In the year 1885.

QUESTION-  23 Arrange the following Governor ——in chronological order:

Ans.  (C) 3,2,1,4- Warren Hasting, Cornwallis, Wellesiey, Dalhousie

QUESTION-  24. During the Indian Freedom Struggle, why did Rowlett Act —– indignation?

Ans. It authorized the government to imprison people without trial.

QUESTION-  25 With whose permission did the English Set-up—- in Surat?

Ans. Jhangir

QUESTION-  26 Paper currency was first started in India in ?

Ans. 1861


  • यदि कोई उत्तर गलत है तो कृपया कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखे ताकि आंसर की दुरुस्त हो सके .
  • यदि आप को सही उत्तर पता है तो वो भी कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखे . 
  • बाकी 51 से 100 प्रश्नों के उत्तर थोड़ी देर में डाल दिए जायेंगे .


Exam  Date Answer Key morning Answer key evening
13.11.2016 Download Download
20.11.2016 Download Download
27.11.2016 Download Download
04.12.2016 Download Download
11.12.2016 See above

Official Website: www.hssc.gov.in

In the upper sheet HSSC Answer Key for clerk exam morning evening is given separately for all dates. This HSSC exam answer key is unofficial solved by experts. The accuracy of this answer key is not 100%.

Every year Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) organizes various types of exams. The commission is a Government body in Haryana for selection of class 3rd. Commission firstly published the advertisement and then invites online application for that recruitment. After this commission uploads online admit cards and then take exams at various centers of Haryana. After that commission publishes the official answer key on its website. HSSC answer key for LDC UHBVN is given here. Haryana SSC invites objections on answer key within the limited time period with proof.

HSSC clerk Question paper dates

  • 11 December 2016 : The 5th round is for roll number  
  • 04 December 2016 : The 4th round is for roll number  1510519401 to 1510700000.
  • 27 November 2016 : The 3rd round was from roll number 1510347601 to 1510519400.
  • 20 November 2016 : The 2nd round was from roll number 1510175101 to 1510347600.
  • 13 November 2016 : The First round was from roll number 1510000001 to 1510175100

Match your answer for Haryana staff selection commission clerk papers. Do not forgot to write the correct answer of Question if you found anything under doubt. Your comment of correct answer will also help other to make our HSSC clerk answer key better.

This Clerk HSSC Answer key given here is unofficial. There may be some mistake in question and answers. If you know the answer please mention in the comment box so that Hry clerk answer key can be updated. You will have to wait for official clerk answer key up to December-end. The HSSC clerk answer key  04 December morning is given. HSSC clerk answer key evening 11.12.2016 has been uploaded. Calculate your expected marks.

Latest HSSC answer key released on official website

HSSC GSSO Answer Key 

HSSC recruitment for Advt. No. 3/2016 HVPNL GRID SUB STATION OPERATOR  exam was on dated June 22, 2016 morning and evening session for code A, B, C, D. Official answer key released by the commission. Wrong answer objection was invited between 05.09.2016 to 07.09.2016 on email id hsscsecyobjection@gmail.com for both morning and evening exam.

  • HSSC GSSO morning shift answer key – HERE
  • HSSC GSSO evening shift answer key– HERE
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